I bought Grandcrafted at CD Baby. Man, what an album !!! One of my favorites, from hundreds and hundreds of albums !! Also listened to Ave Maria sample on your website. Beautiful.” - James Nipper (Jacksonville, FL)
A thoughtful collection of melodic interpretations presented with sophisticated yet subtle piano stylings. Mike embraces his keyboard and these classic melodies with subtle craftsmanship few artists can achieve.” - Paul P.
Grandcrafted explores simply beautiful arrangements of classic songs...mellow solo piano jazz for those times when you want to turn down the lights, relax and enjoy life. Sound quality of the album is excellent...The whole album has a definitive style/atmosphere/sound across all songs - which is great!  The whole thing is sort of minimalist - lots of notes left unplayed, which I think really helps create a greater dynamic within each song by allowing it to build and ebb.  A lot of solo piano I have heard is too much about the too-complex chords that can be played over a melody...whereas this album focuses on the melodic line with a highly selective use of additional notes.  This is a good thing in my opinion, even though Mike is a monster with chords.” - J. Vlaming